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Hello Everyone!
    I am posting this so everyone can have a general guideline of what we can expect from one another. First off, respect. Respect does not just mean to not be rude to each other. It also means give courtesy to the fact that we are all spending a large portion of our day on the computer as a team playing a video game and covering each other's person's back. If someone is going for a kill, do not be greedy and snipe (purposefully leave second but arrive first). Be generous as long as someone within our team has the conquer or resource op then that is all that matters because as a team we will thrive.  

    This is just a GAME, if you need to leave for any reason for real life, just let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your real life issue. If you can't play then we will miss you, but we understand. By all means keep in touch. We are here as friends. Secondly if you want to leave because you were offered a better position then no one is going to force you to stay. I personally frown upon mid-game team switching and kicking simply because everything we accomplish was not a singular effort but a team effort. Leaving in a such a manner without reason is disrespectful to your team mates.

    If you do leave let it be common knowledge that everything you own in the Team's territory will have to be forfeited to the team. Now a complete territory controlled by an individual player is valid for passing along to the new team with the player. Territorial disputes only side with the team when it is a team effort that creates that unique opportunity. Also leaving through the method of being kicked follows the same guidelines. A player will only be kicked if they are inactive and failed to communicate prior that they wouldn't be online to allow proper planning by the team or for thoroughly indecent behavior. (Betrayal, sniping, disrespect to another player)

    Thank you for reading our team guidelines and lets have some fun! Basketball cheers


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